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International Association of Gaming Regulators
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X-PLATFORM – This stream focuses on the opportunities that lie within the space of digital media content as it continues to grow, demonstrating the interconnectedness of different interactive sectors within the cultural and digital media industries

GAMES – The video game industry continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Striving for intellectual property that can be used on multiple entertainment peaks, this stream brings creative, production and business perspectives to IN 2010. Industry veterans will discuss current trends, review cutting-edge projects and explore the challenges and opportunities that exist in crossover projects.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Social Media in IN will focus on creative and business opportunities in a sector that is constantly reinventing itself through user-generated content.

MOBILE – The mobile stream will feature sessions ranging from case studies to discussions on the latest and most significant key events, current status and future trends in wireless technologies.

VISIONARY – This stream is dedicated to showcasing thoughtful leaders. It is made up of innovators, creators, inventors and researchers of great ideas. These visionary thinkers share their vision and, in turn, encourage new thinking about business models, interactivity and technology.

About IN: Interactive exchange (formerly known as ICE) is a high-level conference dedicated to exchanging ideas in interactive media. Delegates will participate in panel discussions and listen to key expert presentations aimed at stimulating creative thinking.

An integral part of the IN conference is the exchange of ideas in interactive media. Participants will share knowledge and learn about innovations, hot trends, and cool opportunities. Panel discussions and presentations are key components of the conference component.


Media companies – Understanding the need for sound and sustainable value chains. In today’s market, simply adapting existing models from other platforms is no longer effective. Join the discussion aimed at creating interactive, cross-platform business models.

Marketing companies – today’s interactive media are a dynamic organism that must nevertheless be packaged and sold to an increasingly segmented audience. Coupled with the ever-increasing need to keep marketing budgets low and to communicate within culturally diverse audiences in real-time, the creation of adaptive, evolving strategies is inevitable.

IN has been and will always be a marketplace for exchanging ideas, inspiring and using industry benchmarks to bring new ideas to marketing in a changing interactive space.

Gaming Companies – Increasing accessibility, creating more reliable content and engines, and reducing costs are becoming new principles in the digital gaming sector, allowing new players to access what was once an isolated industry. This conference provides forums to bring ideas to life that leads to change based on successful programs in other areas, as well as to reach out to experts in all manners of the industry.

Industry Stakeholders – The ability to anticipate movements and changes in the industry is the basis for creating value-added services with low development/implementation costs. Participation in events such as IN, where events take place at the grassroots level, is often the key to defeating competitors and to being the first to bring a product or service to market, contributing to shareholder value.